The Law prohibits the reception of and viewing of premium channels without proper payment for all services received. The purchaser of Cable TV Equipment is NOT authorized to use the equipment on any Cable TV System without the cable company's authorization. Since your cable company may not have any way of telling that you are using your own equipment, it is your responsibility to notify them of that immediately. The seller of this equipment does NOT advocate the THEFT of cable services. Laws regarding the sale and use of cable television equipment vary from state to state. You should be advised that there are FEDERAL, STATE and LOCAL Laws Prohibiting theft of cable services which carry substantial criminal and civil penalties. The seller of this equipment assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for claims arising from the use of or the resale of this equipment. You must comply with all local, state, and federal laws regarding ownership and sale of cable TV equipment. We do not advocate the use of this equipment for any illegal purposes. Any person implying illegal use will be denied service or sale of products. By ordering any cable equipment you agree to notify your cable provider and pay for all services you receive. You agree not to use any equipment purchased on a Time Warner, Media One, Cablevision, TCI or Comcast Cable System. You also agree that you are not purchasing equipment for use inside the state of Nevada. You agree to comply with the rules of the1996 Cable Act.  You also agree to indemnify the seller of these products for any legal expenses they may incur due to illegal or improper use by the purchaser. You agree by the penalties of perjury that you are not a cable company purchasing products or a purchasing agent for them purchasing for the purpose of taking legal action against the seller. The purchaser agrees to indemnify the designer and host of this web site for any legal expenses they may incur due to the purchase. Ordering any product from the seller constitutes agreement of the all the terms of this disclaimer.


"TEST" kits are NOT sold with the intention that they are installed on equipment that is owned by a cable TV company, unless they are installed by the Cable TV Company or an authorizing agent of the Cable TV Company. Test Kits are sold for EDUCATIONAL and TESTING purposes only, and are only intended for use in equipment that is privately owned by the purchaser of the test kit. Equipment must not be used without prior written permission from the cable company. Any use to the contrary is NOT authorized by the seller of Test Kits.


Descrambling devices are NOT sold with the intention of defrauding any Cable TV Company of any legitimate fees which are due to them. Any descramblers purchased are to be used ONLY with the WRITTEN permission from the Cable TV Company of whom you are subscribed to. This can normally be done by paying the Cable TV Company for FULL SERVICE on ALL channels that the descrambling device will receive and descramble.


Ownership of any Test Kit or Descrambling Device DOES NOT give you the right to receive free Cable TV signals. It is Your Responsibility to get the permission of your cable company to use it. You must comply with all Local, State, and Federal Laws as well as ALL Cable TV rules and Regulations. We sell these converters to customers who subscribe to FULL Premium Service Cable. If the purchaser is in an area that has Pay Per View, then in order to use the equipment, the purchaser must have his/her cable company install a signal block that will prevent you from receiving any services that you do not wish to receive and pay for.You must pay your cable company for all services that you receive.


The seller is selling you a descrambler or a converter/descrambler so that you can:
1. Own your equipment to reduce or eliminate your monthly rental fees and possible equipment damage charges.
2. Take advantage of the latest technology in converters and enjoy extra features that enhance your viewing pleasure, such as on screen programming, stereo outputs, and video pass through for picture in picture features.
3. Use the equipment as a second or third setting when you are already fully activated and you wish to view programs on more than one television. This is similar to having additional telephones in your house on the same line.

It is your responsibility to notify your cable provider that you are using your own equipment.

Anyone that indicates to us that they are not subscribing to "FULL" cable service or that they do not intend to pay for premium programming will not be helped in any manner and will be denied sale of any device. Federal and State laws provide civil and criminal penalties for anyone that receives cable service without paying for it.

While it may be legal to purchase and own your own cable TV equipment, it is still possible that the equipment can be used in an illegal manner. We will not aid anyone in the theft of cable TV services. Anyone implying that they have an intent to steal cable services will be denied assistance and may be reported to the cable company. By purchasing any cable TV equipment, the customer agrees to comply with all laws (State and Federal) regarding the reception of cable TV.

By placing an order you agree that you are legally bound to the above terms of this disclaimer.